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´╗┐European militants have prominent role in Islamic State group

This still image taken from an undated video published on the Internet by the Islamic State group militants and made available, Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014 shows a militant that the French government say is Frenchman Maxime Hauchard . Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said there is a "strong presumption" that Maxime Hauchard is among the group of Islamic extremist fighters in the video released over the weekend. He urged young people in France to "open your eyes to the terrible reality" of the militant group. The high definition video Billig Generisk Cialis shows the beheadings of about a dozen men identified as Syrian military officers and pilots, all dressed in blue jumpsuits. The Associated Press could not independently verify the footage, though it appeared on websites used in the past by the Islamic State group, which now controls a third of Syria and Iraq. (AP Photo)

PARIS The cold eyed militants lined up behind their victims in the latest Islamic State video appear to come from outside the Middle East, including one from France and possibly two from Britain, as the extremist group tries to show a global reach.

The grisly video clearly aimed at a Western audience lingers as much on the faces of the camouflaged extremists as the men who are beheaded. The victims include American aid worker Peter Kassig and more than a dozen Syrian soldiers. The prosecutor said investigators were trying to determine if another Frenchman also is in the video. review of the video.

The overwhelming majority of Islamic State fighters are from the Mideast, but the extremist group is trying to cement its claim on an Islamic empire straddling Iraq and Syria. Europe appears to be a fertile ground to find supporters, with officials saying thousands of young Europeans have headed off to jihad. More than 1,000 people in France "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" alone are under surveillance for suspected plans to join the militants, officials said.

In the video released Sunday, some of the knife wielding extremists standing behind their kneeling victims had distinctly Asian features. Another whose face was hooded had the familiar London accent of the jihadi who also appeared in beheading videos with Cialis 10 Mg Goedkoop American hostages James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and with British hostages David Haines and Alan Henning. There also were indications that a Welsh medical student may be the man standing next to Hauchard.

quite transparent that IS is trying to exaggerate its base of support, said Charlie Winter, a researcher at the Quilliam Foundation in London. are trying to show that Muslims from all over the world are protecting their Syrian brethren and their Iraqi brethren. officials are trying just as furiously to counter that message.

call solemnly and seriously on all our citizens, and notably our young people who are the primary target of the terrorist propaganda, to open your eyes to the terrible reality of the actions of Daesh, said French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, using an Arabic acronym for the Islamic State group. are criminals that are building a system of barbarity. gave an interview to France BFM television in July, telling the network he had helped capture Mosul, the Iraqi city whose fall eventually prompted the United States to resume military operations in Iraq.

waiting for death, Hauchard said at the time. objective is to be a martyr. man from Wales, Ahmed Muthana, said he thinks he saw his son, 20 year old Nasser Muthana, in the latest video, and Winter, the British researcher, confirmed the likeness.

resembles him. I was shown a picture of the video. I cannot confirm it is him, but I think it might be, Ahmed Muthana told Britain Press Association.

Kassig had gone to Syria on a humanitarian mission.

son) lost his life as a result of his love for the Syrian people and his desire to ease their suffering, the slain hostage parents, Ed and Paula Kassig, said in a statement.

As for the French militant in the video, Molins said he had used aid work as a pretext.

humanitarian action was a facade. In fact, he wanted to fight and join Islamic State agents, Molins said.

With Kassig death, the Islamic State group has killed five Westerners it was holding.

Unlike previous videos of slain Western hostages, the latest one did not show the decapitation of Kassig, the moments leading up to his death or threaten to kill any other Western hostages.

It identified Buy Cialis Switzerland the militants location as Dabiq, a town in northern Syria that the Islamic State group uses as the title of its English language propaganda magazine and where they believe an apocalyptic battle between Muslims and their enemies will occur.

The high definition video also showed the beheadings of about a dozen men identified as Syrian military officers and pilots, all dressed in blue jumpsuits. soldiers will meet a similar fate.

say to you, Obama: You claim to have withdrawn from Iraq four years ago, the militant said. you are: You have not withdrawn. Rather, you hid some of your forces behind your proxies. said 31 airstrikes had been carried out from Nov. 14 17 against Islamic State group targets. Secretary of State John Kerry said the Islamic State group could grow worldwide if left unchecked. Already, he said, the IS has seized more land and resources al Qaida ever had on its best day of its existence. assume that the world will be too intimidated to oppose them, Kerry said. let us be clear: We are not intimidated. Army 75th Ranger Regiment, a special operations unit, and was deployed to Iraq in 2007. After being medically discharged, he returned "Anabolika Definition" to the Middle East in 2012 and formed a relief group, Special Emergency Response and Assistance, to help Syrian refugees.

The group militants have beheaded or shot dead hundreds of captives, mostly Syrian and Iraqi soldiers, celebrating Oral Steroids Side Effects In Babies the mass killings in graphic videos.

The Stanozolol Usa Islamic State group has declared a self styled Islamic caliphate in areas under its Masteron E 200 control, which it governs according to its violent interpretation of Shariah law.


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