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A closed restaurant on East Liberty near South State soon will be re opened by the same owners, who seek to build a dinner clientele with the new concept and locally sourced menu.

Taste Kitchen, formerly Tamaki sushi restaurant, will be located at 521 E. Liberty Street.

The plan is to open the restaurant in September, offering different kinds of food from all over the world.

Owners Frank Cheng and Danny Van hope the rebranding from Tamaki will bring in more of a dinner crowd.

"From the time that we "Anadrol 50" opened last year, we have not been getting business at night," Van said. "We were mainly just a lunch operation, and that is not what we wanted."

Tamaki opened in November as a casual, fresh Asian restaurant. It closed in early June Steroids Injection Gone Wrong as the owners decided to take the location in a new direction. The storefront previously was Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

"We tried this out for six months, and we just want to change it up," Van said. "We want to be more of a table restaurant with organic material."

Taste Kitchen will feature different kinds of food from around the world, with "Anadrol 50" all of the entrees made with local ingredients.

"We are going to try to not focus on just one particular kind of food," Van said. "The menu is going to be constantly changing. The Ann Arbor market is very diverse, so we don't want to be just one kind of restaurant."

Taste Kitchen's menu will depend on what kind of ingredients are available.

"We won't have a specialty Buy Jintropin in just one "Oxandrolone Powder India" kind of cuisine," Van said. "We want to have global cuisine. What the menu offers will depend on what we can get. Everything will Hgh Jintropin Avis be fresh and organic."

The restaurant will also feature a bar, as the group hopes to obtain a liquor license in six to eight months.

"We are hoping to get a liquor license, but in the meantime we will have a tea bar," Van said. "In time, we are hoping the tea bar will feature tea from around the world everything from premium tea to iced tea. So we are hoping to use the bar until we get a liquor license."


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