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DIII Bracketology

DIII Bracketology, Sunday Update Zach Babo May 04, "Anadrol 50" 2014With Selection Sunday fast approaching, Inside Lacrossegot a feel for the make up of the 2014 DIII Bracket. Below we have conversations with selection comittee member Stewart Moan of Susquehanna about picking the 2014 Bivirkninger field, Masteron Subq as well as an archived conversation with Lynchburg's Steve Koudelka about some of the logistical and structural elements of the Tournament from a conversation from the DIII podcast last May.

After that, check out some updates from the 20 conference automatic qualifying races that will make up the Pool A field. Then we'll take a look at some of the eligible teams in Pool B. Finally a brief glance at regional rankings will give a look to who has the likeliest shots Methenolone Enanthate Para Que Sirve at the five Pool C 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron bids.

Check back Sunday for updates on the conferences races and some additional thoughts on who will get the elusive Pool B and C bids


Susquehanna's Stewart Moan sits as the Southern Chair of the Selection Committee in 2014. While his team vies for the Landmark AQ, Moan provides a look inside the committee and the challenge laid before them on Sunday.

For more on the structure of the NCAA DIII Tournament, including what separates Pool A, B, and C bids, and how the selection process and criteria work, check out last year's DIII Playoff's Podcast. We talked with then Southern Chair of the selection committee Steve Koudelka of Lynchburg about 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron what goes in to putting the field together on Selection Sunday.

Pool A is Comprar Levitra comprised of 20 automatic qualifying bids to eligibile conferences. Below is a list of each conference and the teams still vying for that conference AQ, as well as the respective dates the semifinals or finals will be played. Next to each conference, a ^ denotes the conferences that tend to be seen as "Northern" and a denotes teams that tend to be seen as "Southern." Obviously there is flexibility in this geographic representation, as often a few teams will Mesterolone Research Chemical be moved to a side of the bracket different than their conference's usual classification (typically a Southern team or two moves to the Northern bracket) to balance competition and geographic restraints.

Read IL contributor Ken Stockmann's most recent DIII Notebookbreaking down several of these conference races.

CAC: Salisbury (defeated York 12 4 in Final)

CENTENNIAL: WAC(defeated Franklin Marshall 14 6 in Final)

CSAC: Cabrini(defeated Marywood 25 5 in Final)COMMONWEALTH COAST^: Western New England(defeated Endicott 13 8 in Final)


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