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´╗┐Digital media create new stage for bands

They eventually made a Facebook page for their impromptu band The Darrell Brothers, and released the song on iTunes and a video on YouTube.

"Within 72 hours (of its release on YouTube) it was No. 3 trending music video in the world," Frank said.

Beyond the appeal of a twerking Granny, The Darrell Brothers' experiences highlight the opportunities that artists can employ to connect directly with fans.

Digital media enables artists to build their brand, sell songs and market tours, according to performers and panelists, including Frank, who participated in the International Bluegrass Music Association's Business Conference, part of the recent five day World of Bluegrass event in Raleigh.

Meanwhile, YouTube views, Facebook likes, emails, Twitter followers, along with artists' music and touring experience, often factor into the consideration process for record labels, publicists and sponsors, the panelists said.

Behind the concerts and records is an industry of musicians, bands and others who run their music operations just like many other small business owners, juggling multiple responsibilities, including building a brand.

Digital marketing is "absolutely critical," said Molly Nagel, owner of Little Engine, an Asheville based project management and marketing firm for artists, managers, events and small businesses.

It's key because the products that artists are creating and marketing are easy to share on various digital platforms, Nagel said.

Secondly, digital platforms can be used for targeted "´╗┐Anadrol 50" marketing by touring artists who need to reach audiences in several different stops in as many days.

"It gives you the ability to do that easily in real time," she said.

While social media is important, Nagel and others said, artists need to create their own websites and email Masteron E 200 lists because Facebook and Twitter could be irrelevant in coming years.

The website should include basics, such as music, tour dates, videos and a place where visitors can sign up for a newsletter.

One of the goals of social media is to engage fans so they come to the website, sign up for the newsletter and share their location and email address.

"Once you have that direct "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" line of communication, the engagement factor just raises exponentially," Nagel said.

On Facebook, artists should set up a band page and post at least once a day, she said.

Lorraine Jordan, who lives in Garner and is in the bluegrass band Lorraine Jordan Carolina Road, follows that rule by posting updates that include where she is playing, pictures of fans and videos the band made on their bus.

"You can just about know our whole road trip," Jordan said.

Bands should try to post content that is varied. If artists aren't overflowing with ideas, they can set up a "Anaboliset Aineet" calendar outlining their posts, Nagel said.

Christian Sedelmyer and Rachel Baiman, fiddle players in the Nashville based band 10 String "Anaboliset Aineet" Symphony, were among the conference panelists and performed in Raleigh as part of the World of Bluegrass. They said artists should avoid just posting business updates, such as where they are touring and that Mesterolone Powder a new album has been released.

"When people follow you on Oral Steroids Side Effects In Babies social media, they are not doing it because they want a business update," Baiman said. "They are doing it because they want to get to know the people."

Sedelmyer said that if "buy cheap jintropin online" artists hate the idea of sharing what they had for breakfast, then they can share what they are reading or who influenced a song.

In addition to fan engagement, artists can purchase Facebook and Twitter advertising to help them target potential fans on their tour stops.

"You can say I want to show this ad to people who are interested in this festival in that area, this band that is from the area," along with fans who are interested in IBMA, banjos, or other specific items that relate to their band, Baiman said.

With Twitter, artists on tour can target followers of the local newspaper where they are playing or a band in the area that plays a similar style of music.

Social media can also be used to engage potential sponsors by posting pictures of the band using their products and tagging the company in the post.

"When I see artists showing our banjos in their photos and stuff, I am like instantly interested in what they are doing because they are making themselves visible," said panelist Jamie Deering, who handles artist relations for the Deering Banjo Co., based in Spring Valley, Calif.

Such interactions could ultimately lead to conversations about those companies sponsoring a band with money or offering discounts on its products.

Some ways for artists to expand their audience include incorporating current trends into their music and videos, along with covering other more popular performers' songs.

Karlie Justus Marlowe, a conference panelist and digital marketing manager at Hillsborough based Yep Roc Music Group, said it has new artists come in once a month and post a three to five song playlist.


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